Monday, April 22, 2013

THE THOMPSONS (2012) movie review

Thompsons, The (2012) d. Altieri, Mitchell / Flores, Phil (aka The Butcher Brothers) (USA)

With the vampiric cat out of the bag, this follow-up falls short of its far more interesting (but still flawed) predecessor, The Hamiltons. Mopeytown pretty boy Cory Knauf (who also co-wrote the script with Altieri and Flores) has emigrated to jolly ol’ England in order to track down others of his own kind...only to find that the Brit bloodsuckers don’t take too kindly to outsiders even of the same ilk.

Lame and generic Blade terrain, with some shamefully lazy digital splatter and one of the more hilariously misguided attempts at CGI'ing a mouthful of oversized fangs (affectionately dubbed Big Bytes) into a character's mouth. Skip it.

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