Monday, August 30, 2010

Fool's Views Haikus (6/28 – 7/25)

Hey kids,

So, wow, even with the shift to the abbreviated (if no less challenging) seventeen-syllable format, finding the time to sit down and watch a flick or two has been quite the challenge over the last few weeks. However, I persevere. The horror, oddly enough, has been getting short shrift, which is what prompted my comment not too long ago which began with, “You know, I barely recognize my own life sometimes…”

However, thanks to Kitley’s Kryptic Army assignment, I managed to sneak in a pair from the godfathers of gore, a decent sampling of offbeat 70s fare, as well as an Oscar winner and Oscar winner-to-be (go ahead, bet against the Pixar – I dare ya).

As always feel free to throw in your two cents worth – we’ll make sure you get some change back.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fool's Views Haikus (6/14 – 6/27)

Hey guys. The Fool is back again.

This glorious two week period included a multi-day Share the Scare session up in Oshkosh, Wisconsin alongside good friends, alt country bands and a certain 12-pound pizza. John Pata served as the host with the most, opening his abode to our motley crew of Windy City vagabonds while we hosted and toasted the day of his birth. Gobbling down flicks, ice cream , late night gyros and the aforementioned ’za, it was a truly memorable and rewarding way to ring in the Doc’s 42nd year on the globe (John and my birthday are mere days apart), topped by a big screen viewing of William Castle’s classic House on Haunted Hill with Emergo the floating skeleton making a rare “live” appearance. These are the geeky moments we live for.

Again, we have introduced the new all-haiku format, so hope you enjoy the syl-la-ble-count-ing. And as always, feel free to offer your two cents worth – we’ll make sure you get some change back.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fool's Views (6/7 – 6/13) (HAIKU STYLE!)

Hello, my friends,

Well, it’s official, true believers. I’m giving up trying to write anything coherent for a while. Truth of the matter is that the Doc has accepted a full-time D-A-Y J-O-B and for the time being, it looks as though my time and energy will be consumed by said employer. It’s a strange place to be, having not punched a clock or sat in a cubicle for nearly 15 years. But the lure of staying in town after several years of being oft on the road, combined with a regular (and semi-healthy) paycheck, resonated somehow. In other words, yes, I’ve sold out.

I kept thinking that I would eventually find the opportunity and inspiration to catch up on the "legit" Views, but instead I just keep falling further and further behind. True, this occurred back at the tail end of last year and I managed to pull it together, but that was with a load of post-holiday spare time on my hands. Unfortunately, spare time seems to be the last thing coming down the pike for a spell.

Therefore, I’m going to catch up on the last two months by undergoing a rather radical change in format, as the sponsors call it: Below is my list of recent views…with accompanying haiku. Perhaps not the wisest critical decision ever made, but hopefully it will prove diverting enough. (I know I’m having fun.) ;-]

That said, I’m still more than happy to keep the dialogue going, so if you see a flick that you recognize or are curious about, please feel free to toss in your two cents – change back will be given promptly and with a smile.