Sunday, April 14, 2013

AFTERPARTY (2012) movie review

Afterparty (2012) d. Larraya, Miguel (Spain)

Callow TV star and heartbreaker Lucho Fernandez fully exploits the benefits of his celebrity, casual sex and illicit substances the order of the day while the tabloids and legions of female fans celebrate his bad boy status. But after a particularly nasty public break-up with the co-star of his horror-themed soap opera, the ladykiller attends a party at a secluded country home and wakes up locked in with three of the previous evening’s conquests (Alicia Sanz, Andrea Dueso, Eva Ugarte) and their mousy doormat friend Ursula Corbero. As the quintet attempt to discover the cause of their plight and an escape from it, a masked figure begins picking them off one by one.

Spanish-flavored slasher shows a lot more flesh than blood and is about as substantial as an after-dinner mint, but it passes the time easily enough with a few novel plot twists and an attractive cast. In keeping with Fernandez’ onscreen morals, it may not be Mr. Right, but it’s a fairly solid Mr. Right Now.

--Aaron Christensen, HorrorHound Magazine

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