Tuesday, April 2, 2013

GUT (2012) movie review

Gut (2012)  d. Elias (USA)

Jason Vail is an attractive model citizen: good father, husband, co-worker, etc. whose relationship with former childhood friend Nicholas Wilder has become strained, owing mostly to the latter’s arrested state of adolescence and juvenilia. However, Wilder finds a way to appeal to his buddy’s more prurient side when he locates what appears to be a series of snuff films showing women being eviscerated, a diversion that slowly turns into an obsession for both.

Creating a feature length film out of a premise that would have a hard time sustaining a 30-minute short is one thing, but mononymic writer/director Elias further weighs down the viewing process with leaden pacing and repetitious framing. Chad Bernhard’s excruciatingly redundant score and the so-so performances don’t do much in the way of elevating matters either. If your idea of a good time is watching someone slice open impressive latex facsimiles of female torsos over and over and over again, this might be the film for you. If not, you’re not missing much else.

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