Tuesday, April 16, 2013

HANSEL AND GRETEL GET BAKED (2013) movie review

Hansel and Gretel Get Baked (2013) d. Journey, Duane (USA)

More preoccupied with brownies than gingerbread houses, budding screenwriting talent David Tillman fires up the blunts and bongs in a finely rolled spliff-riff on the classic fairy tale. Little old lady from Pasadena Lara Flynn Boyle cultivates a strain of uber-mellow Black Forest herb in her basement greenhouse, using the leafy lure to procure bumbling potheads for her bubbling cooking pot.

The wicked crone’s larder is soon filled to overflowing, but fetching Molly C. Quinn’s toke-smokin’ sister of straight-laced Michael Welch grows suspicious after burnout boyfriend Andrew James Allen fails to return from a munchie run. Boyle handles her witchy role well, both in wizened latex and youth-en-ized form (though the actress’ plastic surgery fallout is unfortunately evident), while director Journey guides his capable cast along the winding path, delivering cannibal and cannabis jokes in equal measure.

Originally known as Hansel & Gretel and the 420 Witch (street parlance for marijuana use), this is an inspired little time waster that shouldn’t leave you feeling wasted.

--Aaron Christensen, HorrorHound Magazine


  1. I am stealing the phrase "spliff-riff" for whenever I can use it.

    1. LOL. Yeah, I had fun with this one. I also liked the "leafy lure to procure..."