Monday, April 1, 2013

SIGHTSEERS (2012) movie review

Sightseers (2012) d. Wheatley, Ben (UK)

Wheatley, who scored high marks last year with his soul-shattering hitman-meets-Wicker Man masterpiece Kill List, returns to the fray with a hilarious dark comedy that trades off between belly laughs and body counts. A quirky young couple (Alice Lowe, Steve Oram) set off on a “getting to know you” caravanning holiday of the English countryside, one that finds itself punctuated by bonding through bloodletting and shared psychopathy.

The script, written by the two leads and co-editor Amy Jump, has as many sharp left turns as the winding country roads the cracked pair travel, yet retains an infectious sense of sweetness and light. A sure-fire winner and another cracking display of Wheatley’s cinematic know-how/can-do. Exec-produced by Edgar Wright.

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