Tuesday, April 2, 2013

THE HOUSE THAT WOULDN'T DIE (1970) movie review

House That Wouldn't Die, The (1970) d. Moxey, John Llewellyn (USA)

Fairly chintzy haunted house story with Barbara Stanwyck and Kitty Wynn (making her screen debut) moving into a new home that has a few secrets hidden behind its many walls. Richard Egan plays a neighbor who falls for Stanwyck, who just happens to find himself possessed by the ghost of the overbearing father who lived there ages ago.

Coincidence of coincidences, Wynn is taken over by the ghost of the daughter that said father was overbearing towards. Lots of wind blowing and séances and tomfoolery ensue. Not a real find, but I’ve spent worse 71 minute stints on YouTube.

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  1. I noticed these places had this on dvd Thanks