Tuesday, April 9, 2013

FAIRYTALE (2012) movie review

Fairytale (2012) d. Bisceglia, Christian / Malgarini, Ascanio (Italy)

Oofta. Why is it so difficult to do a solid and scary flick about that most creepy of childhood myths, the Tooth Fairy? In this case, the bungling starts by trying to create a convoluted connection between Mussolini and malaria-bearing mosquitoes during WWII, and continues on into some horrible acting, excessive aural jump scares, tired ghostly shenanigans and dodgy CGI effects surrounding a recently unearthed wardrobe cabinet with a shady past.

While it serves up doozy of a plot twist in the closing moments (one that had me wishing this had been a short subject, since the twist is the only intriguing factor), the rest is dull, nonsensical and ridiculous. As a troubled mother attempting to shake bicuspid-seeking phantoms from her child’s life, lovely Harriet MacMasters-Green is hardly convincing, but she’s miles ahead of onscreen spouse Jareth J. Merz and offspring Sabrina Jolie Perez. Lots of manicured style without an ounce of soul.

--Aaron Christensen, HorrorHound Magazine

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