Thursday, November 4, 2021


Howdy, folks!

As you might have noticed (last month not withstanding), things have been a little quiet around here lately. Chalk it up to a fairly nonstop schedule of personal training, health coaching, and self-defense workshops which has not afforded me the chance to dedicate much brainspace to the moving image. (Although it has afforded me some pretty substantial IRA contributions, heyooooooooo....)

However, please don’t infer from my relative silence that I have given up on chatting about all things spooky and ooky. Far from it, in fact. I’m still a regular foot soldier with the Kryptic Army over at Kitley’s Krypt, I served as both contributor and co-copyeditor for Vanessa Morgan’s latest book, Evil Seeds (celebrating malevolent kiddies onscreen over the last century), I was invited to participate in Webster University’s month-long “April Fulci” program, I was a recent guest on the sensational new podcast It’s Not That Scary, and our old pal Ian Simmons over at Kicking the Seat has been kind/foolish enough to offer me a place at the table at least once a month (and sometimes more) to chat about all things Hammer, gialli, and Scare-a-Thon over the past year. I’m wildly blessed to be surrounded by all manner of prime movers who are willing to have me ride along, even when I’m not producing on my own platform.

With that in mind, I thought this would be a grand time to highlight some of those programs, in the hopes that you, Faithful Readers, will BOOKMARK THIS POST and give them a listen, watch, or read during your next patch of quiet time.


Tuesday, November 2, 2021


And that, my candy corn comrades, brings us to the end of Scare-A-Thon 2021 and yet another OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE CHALLENGE!

As always, the Challenge itself is to watch (at least) one fright flick for each of those glorious 31 days that make up the month of October, 16 of which must be first time viewings. I am happy to report that goal has been accomplished, along with this year's added BONUS CHALLENGE of watching 31 movies from 31 different countries. Along the way, thanks to the generous hearts and minds of fans like you, over $2,900 has been raised for ALBANY PARK THEATER PROJECT, with additional funds still coming in, making this one of the most successful Scare-A-Thons to date! (Yes, you can still drop a line at if you wish to donate!)

My thanks to everyone who participated in some way, whether it be reading the reviews, making a contribution, watching the Kicking the Seat podcasts, sharing a YouTube link, or just stopping by to chat. During these isolated times, it's nice to connect with each other in any way possible, Sharing the Scare across the ether as best we can.

Below are the 31 "official" international features viewed (with links to full-length reviews), as well as 8 additional horror and horror-adjacent titles "just for fun". Beyond that, there is the usual assemblage of useless factoids you might enjoy, like reaching around in the bottom of your popcorn bag to see if you missed anything. You just never know.

Have fun!

Total Movies Watched: 40
First Time Views: 19
Total Scare-A-Thon Donations: $2,902.85