Thursday, April 25, 2013

STAKE LAND (2010) movie review

Stake Land (2010) d. Mickle, Jim (USA)

The minds behind 2006’s Mulberry St. are back, revisiting the same apocalyptic themes with roving bands of mutated vampires standing in for their debut feature’s bloodthirsty man/rat creations. Infused with superlative camerawork, astonishing makeup effects and remarkably well-drawn characters, the result is one of the finest horror features of recent years.

The script, co-written by Mickle and lead actor Nick Damici (terrific as the stoic vamp-killer “Mister”), consistently surprises with its nimble combination of humanity and horror, and the capably glammed-down cast (Connor Paolo, Danielle Harris, and an unrecognizable Kelly McGillis) are up to the challenge, fully inhabiting their roving band of survivors characters with nary a false note. The open roads and fields of rural Americana have never felt as bleak and wasted, as leached of life as the littered victims that strew the countryside. An incredible independent effort, required viewing for any budding horrormeisters who think it impossible to create a worthwhile end product with limited financial resources. Highly Recommended.


  1. This is probably one of my favorite films in the last several years. I normally only rewatch films if I a)fall asleep during, b)get to first base (or beyond) on a date, c)arrested because of b, d) I really liked it, or e)all of the above. What was incredible about this film was the pacing (well, and everything else) and how you would quickly get attached to characters, despite their sometimes short stay. I'm tempted to review this, since it is probably the first film in years I have a desire to rewatch, but staying coherent and not drifting off on an insane tangent is your thing, not mine. Nice review.

    Before I hit Publish, I personally think this film goes rather well with the lesser Exit Humanity (2011), which I will not give my opinions here, but you apparently didn't care for too much.

  2. I'd love to read your review of this, only because it would incorporate a Nixon conspiracy theory, three-toed sloths and a large armchair conglomerate behind it all. Get on it.