Thursday, April 25, 2013

THE STEPFATHER (2009) movie review

Stepfather, The (2009) d. McCormick, Nelson (USA)

Inane remake with Dylan Walsh as a serial killer who insinuates himself into pre-existing families, then wipes them out when they disappoint him. Since it was already done to low budget perfection back in 1987, with Terry O’ Quinn unforgettably charming and chilling in the title role, one has to wonder what could have been gained by attempting a redux. No surprise, the affair falls flat.

Walsh is game, but he’s given little to do to rise above J.S. Cardone’s muddled script which doles out some real opening expositional clunkers then missteps further by changing up the sex of our main protagonist, giving us glum Penn Badgley in place of fresh-faced Jill Schoelen from the earlier feature. Of course, then they proceed to hedge their bets by giving the lad a hottie blonde girlfriend in the form of Amber Heard, who is so, like, totally cool and, like, loyal and loves to wear bikinis or short shorts or just lounge around in her underwear, like, all the time!

Dumb as a box of hair and about as entertaining.

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