Saturday, May 6, 2017

Fool's Views (4/1 – 4/30)

Howdy, folks,

Wow, what a weird month April was! Saw over 50 films, but most of those were within the space of 11 days, the 9 days that comprised BIFFF 2017 and the in-flight movies to and from Brussels. Decidedly feast and famine, but the end results were mighty satisfying overall, a delightful counterpoint to the film-free days the femalien and I spent strolling along the waterways of Paris and Bruges celebrating our ninth year of wedded bliss.

Managed to knock out a couple more Kurosawa flicks along the way, thanks to the good old Chicago Public Library, as well as a “comfort food” viewing of Planet Terror, a shut-your-brain-off flick if ever there was one.

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