Sunday, May 8, 2016

Fool's Views (4/1 – 4/30)

How do you, my friends?

Apologies for the delay in posting the April Views. My plan was to catch up on them during my overseas flight to Barcelona where I am currently serving on crew for the Enlightened Warrior Training Camp. However, as fate would have it, my international travels were equipped with a ton of in-flight flickers that I had more than a passing interest in, and so, instead of scribbling about the films I’d already seen that month, I decided to pack another quartet in. Such is the fate of the Obsessive/Compulsive Cinephile.

Speaking of the OCC, a goodly portion of the films consumed this month were spent in the company of Oshkosh blood brother John Pata who had come down to Chicago to catch Green Room on the big screen during its opening weekend… only to find out that “opening weekend” only included New York and L.A. I mean, come ON, what the hell???? Still, we made the most of it, tucking into five films on Saturday in the cinema and then another five at Chez AC for the monthly Share the Scare session. (Yep, four for four so far this year, with May’s date already penciled in.)

The impromptu Jason Bateman mini-festival was the result of my growing appreciation for the Arrested Development star, who knocked me out last year with his dramatic performance in the wildly underappreciated 2012 effort, Disconnect. Well, a random viewing of Bad Words – his directorial debut – during an out-of-town friend’s visit sparked my scouring of the public library shelves and Netflix offerings. I won’t say that JB has the most diverse of thespian skill sets, but when he’s in his zone, there’s no one who does what he does quite like he does. (Joel Edgerton somehow popped up in three movies as well, but that was unintentional, so he doesn’t get his own heading.)

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