Tuesday, April 16, 2013

INHUMAN RESOURCES (aka REDD INC) (2012) movie review

Inhuman Resources (aka Redd Inc.) (2012) d. Krige, Daniel (Australia)

Kelly Paterniti (a dead ringer for Danielle Harris) finds herself abducted by escaped killer Nicholas Hope and ensconced, along with five other unfortunate souls, in a sinister office drone environment. Literally chained to their desks, the hapless “employees” (all of whom played a part in Hope’s conviction for the “Head Hunter” murders) are instructed to review the facts in their captor’s legal case in order to catch the real culprit...with serious repercussions for lax results or proper etiquette.

An efficient slice of torture cinema with lively performances and a welcome return to form by legendary sultan of splatter Tom Savini, unleashing his juicy brand of special effects for the first time in over a decade. None of the sanguinary gags break new ground and the thin concept doesn’t allow for much in the way of revelatory storytelling, but these are minor quibbles against a well-crafted thriller that delivers the gory goods.

--Aaron Christensen, HorrorHound Magazine

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