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Hello Boils and Ghouls,

With that, we come to the end of another October Challenge. This year lived up to its name as I was endeavoring to watch only fright films I had never seen before, which proved both exciting and frustrating as every view that I shared with someone else had to be prefaced by, "Now, this might completely suck..." I sincerely thank everyone out there for their support, encouragement and feedback throughout the past 31 days of blood, babes and beasts. Hope you dug it as well.

A special word of thanks to those of you who came on board as donors to the Friends of Children fundraising drive - you are the ones who kept my eyes open into the wee hours at night…after night after night. Bless you. Please contact me at to send in your corresponding pledge amount and let’s get some much needed help to these kids.

Below are the final statistics, as well as links to each day’s respective reviews. Hope you enjoy the walk back down memory lane, dark and dangerous as it might be. As always, feel free to leave your two cents worth – we’ll make sure you get some change back.


Total Movies: 101
First Time Views: 101
Money Raised for Friends of Children: $1213.01

Total Minutes: 8962
Average Length: 89
Busiest Day: 10/14 (575 min.)
Longest Movie: Bluebeard (125 min)
Shortest Movies: Soul of a Monster, Cry of the Werewolf, Captive Wild Woman, Jungle Woman (61 min)
Oldest Movie: The Phantom Carriage (1921)
Newest Movies: Paranormal Activity 4 (10/19/12), Sinister (10/12/12)
Most Movies/Day: 6 (10/7, 10/14, 10/25, 10/28)
Fewest Movies/Day: 1 (10/10, 10/16, 10/31)
# Countries represented: 14 (Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Philippines, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA)

Beware! Children at Play, The Mad Magician, Clownhouse, Don’t Go To Sleep, The Evil, Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll, Frankenweenie, Late Bloomer, Mansion of the Doomed, The Hypnotic Eye, The Case of the Scorpion’s Tale, The Phantom Carriage, Cannibal Man, When a Stranger Calls Back

Don’t Go Near the Park, The Gathering, The Clown at Midnight, Cannibal Terror, Look What’s Happened to Rosemary’s Baby, Boogeyman II, Terror at Tenkiller, Two Orphan Vampires

Psycho Killers 28
Ghosts 17
Religious Horror (Satan/possession/demons) 16
Science Gone Awry 14
Haunted Spaces 11
Animals Attack 8
Sequels 6
Vampires 5
Killer Kids 4
Zombies 4
Enemies from Space 4
Cannibals 2
Werewolves 2

Personal Library 49
Gert 23
YouTube 17
Redbox 6
Public Library 3
Cinema 3

Bela Lugosi 5
John Carradine 3

Jean Rollin 3
Sergio Martino 3
Gerardo de Leon 2
Antonio Margheriti 2


Revenant, The (2009) (1st viewing) d. Prior, Kerry (USA) 118 min.
Beware! Children at Play (1989) (1st viewing) d. Cribben, Mik (USA) 97 min.
Ghost Town (1988) (1st viewing) d. Governor, Richard (USA) 85 min.
Vindicator, The (1986) (1st viewing) d. Lord, Jean-Claude (Canada) 93 min.

Project: Metalbeast (1995) (1st viewing) d. De Gaetano, Alessandro (USA) (92 min.)
Eye of the Devil (1966) (1st viewing) d. Thompson, J. Lee (UK) 96 min.
Don't Go Near the Park (1979) (1st viewing) d. Foldes, Lawrence David (USA) 80 min.

Haunted Mansion, The (2003) (1st viewing) d. Minkoff, Rob (USA) 88 min.
Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity (1987) (1st viewing) d. Dixon, Ken (USA) 71 min.
Devils of Darkness (1965) (1st viewing) d. Comfort, Lance (UK) 88 min.

Silent House (2011) (1st viewing) d. Kentis, Chris / Lau, Laura (USA) 86 min.
Headspace (2005) (1st viewing) d. van de Houton, Andrew (USA) 89 min.
Pirahna DD (2012) (1st viewing) d. Gulager, John (USA) 83 min.

Curse, The (1987) (1st viewing) d. Keith, David (USA) 92 min.
Demoniacs, The (1974) (1st viewing) d. Rollin, Jean (France) 95 min.
Dark Places (1973) (1st viewing) d. Sharp, Don (UK ) 85 min.
Mad Magician, The (1954) (1st viewing) d. Brahm, John (USA) 71 min.

Shallow Ground (2004) (1st viewing) d. Wilson, Sheldon (USA) 97 min.
Unknown Terror, The (1957) (1st viewing) d. Warren, Charles Marquis (USA) 77 min.
Twisted Nerve (1968) (1st viewing) d. Boulting, Roy (UK) 113 min.
Gathering, The (2003) (1st viewing) d. Gilbert, Brian (UK) 87 min.

Clownhouse (1989) (1st viewing) d. Salva, Victor (USA) 81 min.
Clown at Midnight, The (1999) (1st viewing) d. Pellerin, Jean (Canada) 91 min.
Night Caller, The (aka Blood Beast from Outer Space) (1965) (1st viewing) d. Gilling, John (UK) 84 min.
Captive Wild Woman (1943) (1st viewing) d. Dmytryk, Edward (USA) 61 min.
Jungle Woman (1944) (1st viewing) d. Le Borg, Reginald (USA) 61 min.
Dead in 3 Days (2006) (1st viewing) d. Prochaska, Andreas (Austria) 97 min.

Campfire Tales (1997) (1st viewing) d. Cooper, Matt / Kunert, Martin / Semel, David (USA) 88 min.
Murders in the Zoo (1933) (1st viewing) d. Sutherland, Edward (USA) 62 min.
Playhouse (2003) (1st viewing) d. Roberts, Hunter F. (USA) 86 min.

Dark Corners (2006) (1st viewing) d. Gower, Ray (UK) 92 min.
Lovely Molly (2011) (1st viewing) d. Sanchez, Eduardo (USA) 99 min.
Devil Inside, The (2012) (1st viewing) d. Bell, William Brent (USA) 83 min.

10/10 - 10/11
Terror Tract (aka House on Terror Tract) (2000) (1st viewing) d. Dreesen, Lance / Hutchinson, Clint (USA) 96 min.
Our Mother’s House (1967) (1st viewing) d. Clayton, Jack (UK) 104 min.
Innkeepers, The (2011) (1st viewing) d. West, Ti (USA) 101 min.

Dark, The (1993) (1st viewing) d. Pryce, Craig (Canada) 87 min.
Dark, The (1979) (1st viewing) d. Cardos, John "Bud" (USA) 92 min.
Curious Dr. Humpp, The (1969) (1st viewing) d. Vieyra, Emilio (Argentina) 87 min.

Pyx, The (1973) (1st viewing) d. Hart, Harvey (Canada) 105 min.
Hold That Ghost (1941) (1st viewing) d. Lubin, Arthur (USA) 86 min.
Horror at 37,000 Feet (1973) (1st viewing) d. Rich, David Lowell (USA) 73 min.

Retribution (1987) (1st viewing) d. Magar, Guy (USA) 107 min.
Shadowzone (1990) (1st viewing) d. Cardone, J.S. (USA) 88 min.
Arrival, The (1991) (1st viewing) d. Schmoeller, David (USA) 103 min.
Cannibal Man, The (1973) (1st viewing) d. de la Iglesia, Eloy (Spain) 90 min.
Cannibal Terror (1980) (1st viewing) d. Dereulle, Alain (as A.W. Steeve) (France) 93 min.
When a Stranger Calls Back (1993) (1st viewing) d. Walton, Fred (USA) 94 min.

Don’t Go to Sleep (1982) (1st viewing) d. Lang, Richard (USA) 93 min.
Look What’s Happened to Rosemary’s Baby (1976) (1st viewing) d. O’Steen, Sam (USA) 100 min.

10/16 - 10/17
Birds II: Land’s End, The (1994) (1st viewing) d. Rosenthal, Rick / Smithee, Alan (USA) 87 min.
Dark Age (1987) (1st viewing) d. Nicholson, Arch (Australia) 91 min.
Guardian, The (1990) (1st viewing) d. Friedkin, William (USA) 92 min.
Rite, The (2011) (1st viewing) d. Hafstrom, Mikael (USA) 114 min.

Jennifer (1978) (1st viewing) d. Mack, Brice (USA) 90 min.
Stanley (1972) (1st viewing) d. Grefe, William (USA) 96 min.
Boogeyman II Redux (1983/2003) (1st viewing) d. Starr, Bruce / Lommel, Ulli (USA) 83 min.
Tetsuo II: Body Hammer (1992) (1st viewing) d. Tsukamoto, Shinya (Japan) 83 min.

Evil, The (1978) (1st viewing) d. Trikonis, Gus (USA) 89 min.
Killer Fish (1979) (1st viewing) d. Margheriti, Antonio (Italy) 101 min.

Spookies (1986) (1st viewing) d. Joseph, Eugenie (USA) 85 min.
Bog (1983) (1st viewing) d. Keeslar, Don (USA) 85 min.

10/21 – 10/22
Autopsy (aka Tarot) (1973) (1st viewing) d. Forque, Jose-Maria (Spain) 91 min.
Atrocious (2010) (1st viewing) d. Luna, Fernando Barreda (Spain) 75 min.
Arcane Sorcerer (1996) d. Avati, Pupa (Italy) 96 min.
Bluebeard (1972) (1st viewing) d. Dmytryk, Edward (France) 125 min.
Blood of the Vampires (1966) (1st viewing) d. de Leon, Gerardo (Philippines) 90 min.
Beyond Evil (1980) (1st viewing) d. Freed, Herb (USA) 94 min.

10/23 - 10/24
Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll, The (aka House of Psychotic Women) (1974) (1st viewing) d. Aured, Carlos (Spain) 89 min.
Tokyo Gore Police (2008) (1st viewing) d. Nishimura, Yoshihiro (Japan) 110 min.
Taxidermia (2006) (1st viewing) d. Palfi, Gyorgy (Hungary) 91 min.
Tony (2009) (1st viewing) d. Johnson, Gerard (UK) 76 min.
Naked You Die (1968) (1st viewing) d. Margheriti, Antonio (Italy) 98 min.

Night Monster (1942) (1st viewing) d. Beebe, Ford (USA) 72 min.
Terror at Tenkiller (1986) (1st viewing) d. Meyer, Ken (USA) 87 min.
Paranormal Activity 4 (2012) (1st viewing) d. Joost, Henry/Schulman, Ariel (USA) 88 min.
Sinister (2012) (1st viewing) d. Derrickson, Scott (USA) 110 min.
Frankenweenie (2012) (1st viewing) d. Burton, Tim (USA) 87 min.
Zombies of Mora Tau (1957) (1st viewing) d. Cahn, Edward L. (USA) 70 min.

Revenge of the Zombies (1943) (1st viewing) d. Sekely, Steve (USA) 61 min.
Cry of the Werewolf (1944) (1st viewing) d. Levin, Henry (USA) 63 min.
Zombies on Broadway (1945) (1st viewing) d. Douglas, Gordon (USA) 69 min.
Late Bloomer (2004) (1st viewing) Shibata, Go (Japan) 83 min.
Love Object (2003) (1st viewing) Parigi, Robert (USA) 91 min.

Spasmo (1974) (1st viewing) d. Lenzi, Umberto (Italy) 94 min.
Two Orphan Vampires (1997) (1st viewing) d. Rollin, Jean (France) 107 min.
Mansion of the Doomed (1976) (1st viewing) d. Pataki, Michael (USA) 89 min.

Ghost Eyes (1976) (1st viewing) d. Kuei, Chih-Hung (Hong Kong) 98 min.
Hypnotic Eye, The (1960) (1st viewing) d. Blair, George (USA) 79 min.
Iron Rose, The (1973) (1st viewing) d. Rollin, Jean (France) 76 min.
Invisible Ghost (1941) (1st viewing) d. Lewis, Joseph H. (USA) 63 min.
Devil Bat, The (1940) (1st viewing) d. Yarbrough, Jean (USA) 72 min.
Human Monster, The (1939) (1st viewing) d. Summers, Walter (UK) 73 min.

Soul of a Monster, The (1944) (1st viewing) d. Jason, Will (USA) 61 min.
Visible Secret (2001) (1st viewing) d. Hui, Ann (Hong Kong) 98 min.
All the Colors of the Dark (1972) (1st viewing) d. Martino, Sergio (Italy) 94 min.

Case of the Scorpion's Tale, The (1971) (1st viewing) d. Martino, Sergio (Italy) 90 min.
Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key (1972) (1st viewing) d. Martino, Sergio (Italy) 96 min.
Vampire People, The (aka The Blood Drinkers) (1964) (1st viewing) d. de Leon, Gerardo (Philippines) 88 min.
Phantom Carriage, The (1921) (1st viewing) d. Sjostrom, Victor (Sweden) 107 min.

Close Your Eyes (aka Hypnotic aka Dr. Sleep) (2002) (1st viewing) d. Willing, Nick (UK) 98 min.

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  1. I am in awe. Seriously, 6 movies in a day? How do you not weigh 500 pounds?