Thursday, October 4, 2012

October Movie Challenge 2012 (10/3)

Remember, if you would like to make a pledge toward Scare-A-Thon 2012 (benefitting FRIENDS OF CHILDREN) at any time, drop me an email at to let me know how much you would like to pledge per film. Your donation is tax deductible, 100% of goes directly to aid the kids, and seriously, even a penny per film helps. Thanks in advance!

Haunted Mansion, The (2003) (1st viewing) d. Minkoff, Rob (USA) 88 min.

Yes, it’s based on a theme park ride and it’s got Eddie Murphy doing his family friendly thing. But it was at the library. And it was fun.

Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity (1987) (1st viewing) d. Dixon, Ken (USA) 71 min.

From its title forward, there’s not a serious bone in this pop-topping futuristic version of The Most Dangerous Game. Even so, it stretches its premise pretty darn thin and even with the shortened international cut (courtesy of Gert), it goes on a bit. Still, bubbly star Elizabeth Cayton (Kaiten) has a lovely bod and one of those scratchy hungover sorority girl voices that never fail to flip my switch.

Devils of Darkness (1965) (1st viewing) d. Comfort, Lance (UK) 88 min.

Fun little devil worshiping cult/vampire flick. ‘Nuff said.

Total Movies: 10
First Time Views: 10

Money Raised for Friends of Children: $59.50

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