Friday, October 5, 2012

October Movie Challenge 2012 (10/4)

Remember, if you would like to make a pledge toward Scare-A-Thon 2012 (benefitting FRIENDS OF CHILDREN) at any time, drop me an email at to let me know how much you would like to pledge per film. Your donation is tax deductible, 100% of goes directly to aid the kids, and seriously, even a penny per film helps. Thanks in advance!

Silent House (2011) (1st viewing) d. Kentis, Chris / Lau, Laura (USA) 86 min.

The U.S. remake of last year’s Uruguayan “single take” haunted house flick has similar pluses and minuses going for it. The real-time concept is pretty dazzling and the floating camera manages to create a fair amount of suspense, but when the final bell rings, there’s still an awful lot of walking around and the narrative is still bafflingly inconclusive. Courtesy of Redbox.

Pirahna DD (2012) (1st viewing) d. Gulager, John (USA) 83 min.

The pecs of water park chickies and David Hasselhoff do a lot of bouncing. It’s more of a comedy than Aja’s 2010 remake, but it’s far from the disaster I was expecting from the hateful reviews and its limited release. Not saying it’s good either. Another Redbox rental.

Headspace (2005) (1st viewing) d. van de Houton, Andrew (USA) 89 min.

Great ideas and a great cast, but not a whole lot is made of either. Something about a homicidal monster being manifested from one individual’s excess of brainwaves. Maybe I was just tired, Gert.

Total Movies: 13
First Time Views: 13
Money Raised for Friends of Children: $85.15


  1. Yes, HEADSPACE is a mixed bag and can get pretty confusing at times. But great, original ideas sparkle throughout this interesting debut feature, so I felt you at least had to take a peek at it. Hope it didn't put you to sleep there, tired man ;-)

    1. Again, there was a lot to like, but I never felt like it ever really fulfilled its potential. (Kind of felt the same way about SHALLOW GROUND - so much promise that doesn't quite come to full flower.) For a debut feature, I'd be willing to give it a passing grade. I'd just want to see a little more resolution moving forward.