Tuesday, August 14, 2012

TRUTH OR DARE (aka TRUTH OR DIE) (2012) review

Truth or Dare (aka Truth or Die)(2012)
d. Heath, Robert (UK)

Basically a reworking of the nerd-takes-revenge 80s slasher scenario for the torture porn generation, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing when handled with such a sure hand. When the local misfit is humiliated and abused at the final after-school party, it sets off a chain of events that culminate in his tormentors being called to a remote country estate where justice is meted out by the outcast’s hunkier older brother (played by The Borgias’ David Oakes). While the material is well traveled terrain indeed, director Heath and writer Matthew McGuchan manage to pull off enough cringe-worthy scenes of agony and a genuinely surprising third act to make it worth your while. The performances by tormentors and tormented alike are solid, with Jennie Jacques’ slatternly bitchy babe leading the pack.

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