Friday, August 10, 2012

FANTASIA 2012 - The Whole Magilla

Ladies and Gents, here's the whole Fantasia experience in one compact locale for your and my future clicking convenience. Thanks for taking the ride!


DAY 1 Thursday, July 19
And so it begins...

Movies: For Love's Sake, Dragon

DAY 2 Friday, July 20
In which alternate universe movies posters rule, and fright mag editors past and present rule even more...

Movies: Blood-C: The Last Dark, Juan of the Dead, Manborg, Henge

DAY 3 Saturday, July 21
In which Stephen McHattie gets blue/grey and the SUSHI GIRL boys start skywalking... (Mark Hamill, kiddies!!!!)

Movies: A Little Bit Zombie, Cold Steel, Sushi Girl, Wrong, Lowlife

DAY 4 Sunday, July 22
In which THE DEVIL'S CARNIVAL comes to town, but I'd prefer another helping of DEAD SUSHI (and Psychotic Woman), if you please...

Movies: The Haunting of Julia, Dead Sushi, Starry Starry Night, The Devil's Carnival

DAY 5 Monday, July 23
In which Michael Biehn plays his VICTIM card and we discuss some of the finer points of festival going...

Movies: Mitsuko Delivers, Funeral Kings, The Sword Identity, Memory of the Dead, The Victim

DAY 6 Tuesday, July 24
In which I blather with Kyle Reese aka Cpl. Hicks aka Johnny Ringo, and watch flicks all day. Life is good.

Movies: Headshot, Punch, Hemorrhage, Amok, Crave

DAY 7 Wednesday, July 25
In which, a week into the proceedings, the "breakout horror" bus finally arrives with THE PACT, RESOLUTION and CITADEL.

Movies: The Pact, Smuggler, Black Pond, Reign of Assassins, Resolution, Citadel

DAY 8 Thursday, July 26
In which I discover SIMON'S CAT, learn about the BONES BRIGADE, and experience Rick James in a hot tub (on screen, on screen, settle down now...)

Movies: Bones Brigade, King of Pigs, DJ XL5 Zappin' Party

DAY 9 Friday, July 27
In which we hear Daniel Lutz's MY AMITYVILLE HORROR and Teller (of Penn and Teller) talks!

Movies: Doomsday Book, Sons of Norway, A Night of Nightmares, My Amityville Horror, Play Dead, Inbred

DAY 10 Saturday, July 28
In which I see MON AMI, make new friends, and finally get the chance to weigh in on the long buzzed about V/H/S...

Movies: Mon Ami, V/H/S, Miami Connection

DAY 11 Sunday, July 29
In which we look UNDER THE BED and run THE HUMAN RACE...

Movies: Under the Bed, Roller Town, The Warped Forest, The Human Race

DAY 12 Monday, July 30
In which we channel our inner Stuntman Mike and engage in some SMALL GAUGE TRAUMA...

Movies: Toad Road, Il n'y a pas de rapport sexuel, Wrinkles, Small Gauge Trauma (shorts)

DAY 13 Tuesday, July 31
In which ROBO-G triumphs, Simon Pegg works overtime, and many Japanese schoolgirls are sacrificed for your viewing pleasure...

Movies: Schoolgirl Apocalypse, Errors of the Human Body, A Fantastic Fear of Everything, Robo-G, Isn't Anyone Alive?

DAY 14 Wednesday, August 1
In which Pascal (MARTYRS) Laugier teams up with Jessica Biel, we get our Bollywood on, and K-Horror takes a K-Pop on the chin...

Movies: Singham, The Tall Man, White: The Melody of the Curse, Asura, Black's Game

DAY 15 Thursday, August 2
In which we encounter the feel-good Japanese flicks LETTER FOR MOMO and AFRO TANAKA, the feel-bad Spanish flick SLEEP TIGHT and the feel-tense Canadian flick REPLICAS...

Movies: Afro Tanaka, Sleep Tight, A Letter For Momo, Replicas

DAY 16 Friday, August 3
In which we get our sushi on, and los LOBOS DE ARGA (aka GAME OF WERWOLVES) come to town...

Movies: Lloyd the Conqueror, Graceland, Carre Blanc, Game of Werewolves

DAY 17 Saturday, August 4
In which I behold the power of AnnaLynne McCord, get grabbed by GRABBERS and end the night hanging with the BONEBOYS...

Movies: Space Battleship Yamato, Eddie The Sleepwalking Cannibal, Grabbers, Excision, Boneboys

DAY 18 Sunday, August 5
In which I'm coming down with THE VIRAL FACTOR and feeling the chains of CHAINED...

Movies: The Viral Factor, Chained

DAY 19 Monday, August 6
In which we avoid getting lynched by Jennifer Lynch, engage in PARANORMAN activity, and encounter things best left HIDDEN IN THE WOODS...

Movies: Despite the Gods, ParaNorman, Jackpot, Toy Masters, Vulgaria, Hidden in the Woods

DAY 20 Tuesday, August 7
In which PARANORMAN rolls down the Fantasia red carpet and the festival rolls to a close...almost.

Movies: The Cat, Alter Egos, We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists, Painted Skin: The Resurrection

DAY 21 Wednesday, August 8
In which, BOOOOOM. There it is.

Movies: Let's-Make-The-Teacher-Have-A-Miscarriage Club, Hail, Turn Me On Goddammit!, A Boy and His Samurai


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