Thursday, August 2, 2012

GAME OF WEREWOLVES (2011) review

Game of Werewolves (aka Lobos de Arga) (2011) d. Moreno, Juan Martinez

If you don’t hear more about this hilarious Spanish lycanthrope flick before the end of the year, it won’t be because I wasn’t trying. Writer/director Moreno’s love letter to the Universal classics, Paul Naschy and '80s practical effects is first and foremost a situational, character-based comedy – not a spoof – dealing with ordinary characters trapped in extraordinary, supernatural circumstances. In this case, writer Gorka Otxoa returns to his home village coincidentally on the 100th anniversary of the gypsy curse laid upon it. Alongside his cowardly literary agent (Secun de la Rosa) and childhood friend (The Last Circus’ Carlos Areces), Tomas attempts to ward off the flurry of fangs and fur that descend by moonlight upon his hometown, as heads roll as fast and furious as the belly laughs. Things get hairy in a hurry, with nary a CGI wolf nor cuddly Twilight boy toy in sight. I've seen the film twice this year already,(once in Belgium at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, once Stateside at the Chicago Latino Film Festival) and am gearing up to watch it again this Friday at Fantasia in Montreal. Plus, Moreno is one of the coolest cats around – guy deserves all the success he can stand and all the support you can give. Drop a line to your favorite DVD distributor today and give the Arga Wolves the free rein they deserve. For more info, visit


  1. I would buy the HELL out of this, were it to appear on DVD.

    1. Start pestering your favorite DVD company, then. Far as I know, it's still minus a distributor, and that's just RIDICULOUS.