Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DEAD SUSHI (2012) review

Dead Sushi (2012) (1st viewing) d. Iguchi, Noboru (Japan)

“When you insult a sushi chef, the next dish is death!” Shunned by her sushi master father for inferior rice palming skills, spunky Rina Takeda finds employ at a remote country inn the same day a shady pharmaceuticals firm corporate outing arrives on vacation. When a disgruntled employee infects the edibles with an experimental serum, guests and staff alike are besieged by animated appetizers that are fanged and furious. After witnessing the gut-busting, gag-inducing Zombie Ass at BIFFF in April, I was more than willing to return to the table to see what new dish the sensei of splatter had in store. With this latest exaggerated onslaught of pell-mell pandemonium, Iguchi might just have arrived at the perfect recipe of delirious bloodslinging and ridiculous slapstick, his fevered imagination conjuring such never-before-seen (or imagined) sights as a giant flying sushi roll battleship, nunchucks composed of rice and fish slices, and airborne swarms of bite-sized foodstuffs that spit acid, shoot flame and devour human flesh, snickering high-pitched manic giggles all the while. Needless to say, the world premiere Fantasia crowd ate it up (when they weren’t picking jaws up off the floor or turning to their neighbors for confirmation that, yes, they had just seen that) and begged for more. Innocent within its insanity, Dead Sushi brings to mind the organic audaciousness and inspired anarchy of Troma’s salad days and comes highly recommended to share with friends.

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