Thursday, August 16, 2012

BEAST WISHES (2012) review

Beast Wishes (2012) (1st viewing) d. Dietz, Frank / Geiger, Trish

An affectionate look at one of the most beloved elder statesmen in the realm of horror and sci-fi nostalgia. Bob Burns, along with his devoted and equally passionate wife Kathy, has ended up the de facto curator of countless (and priceless) treasured props and costumes from over 50 years of sci-fi/horror genre cinema. Residing within the Burns’ basement are artifacts ranging from the original 1933 Kong stop-motion armature to the actual Time Machine from George Pal’s eponymous movie to a wealth of original set pieces from Alien, but the real marvel is the amount of sheer heart this dynamic duo impart to all who have crossed their path. Their cheering section includes a roster as luminous as their collection: everyone from Rick Baker to Tom Woodruff to John Landis to Joe Dante to Greg Nicotero have nothing but glowing memories of Bob and Kathy, and they are likewise thrilled to have the opportunity to reveal them on- camera. Great stories and wow-worthy items share the stage with footage from the couple’s elaborate annual haunted house attraction (which utilizes the skills of some of the finest craftsmen in the business, all working gratis). A terrific doc even for non card-carrying Monster Kids.

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