Sunday, October 31, 2010

October Movie Challenge 10/31 (Finished!)

Epidemic (1987)
(1st viewing) d. von Trier, Lars 102 min

Shanks (1974)
(1st viewing) d. Castle, William 93 min

Seytan (aka Turkish Exorcist) (1974)
(1st viewing) d. Erksan, Metin 101 min

Total First Time Views: 33
Total Repeats: 49
Total Views in October: 82


  1. Shanks... Man, that's a weird one -- and it plays to almost none of Castle's strengths, such as they are.

    And if you liked Seytan, I should show you Death Warrior. Now there's a Turkish delight that must be seen to be believed.

  2. As you say, sir. I enjoyed its "dark fantasy" feel, but man does it get dark at times. (The girl at the end, anyone?) And the mannequin-ized family members schtick goes on a bit long. Still, I was glad to have seen it. It's proficiently made and obviously a personal film. Don't know when I would ever watch it again, but I wouldn't say no if it came back around my way.

    I did like SEYTAN, especially having seen Friedkin's masterpiece earlier in the month. A scene-for-scene remake of THE EXORCIST... only in Turkish and minus any Catholic priests. It's kinda like watching the community theatre version, in that it is equal parts hilarious and charming. What is DEATH WARRIOR?

  3. Death Warrior is one of the most insane Turkish action movies ever made. Here's a taster: