Friday, October 8, 2010

October Horror Movie Challenge 10/7

Dead Snow (2009) (2nd viewing) d. Wirkola, Tommy
91 min.

Moon of the Wolf (1972) (1st viewing) d. Petrie, Daniel
75 min.

Total Films for Challenge: 20
Total First Time Views: 4


  1. Your re-viewing of Dead Snow reminds me that I finally got hold of Blood Creek, which I'll be watching this week. Very much looking forward to it thanks to the high marks you gave it a while back.

    Also, what did you think of Moon of the Wolf? I thought it had its moments and a terrifically well-realized setting, but as with a lot of tales of the supernatural set in small communities, it took far too long for the authorities to figure out what they were really up against. In fact, whenever they do jump straight to the conclusion that they're facing some beast of legend (as in Scream of the Wolf), it's usually to throw the audience off because everything ultimately turns out to have a completely rational explanation.

  2. BLOOD CREEK is not a perfect flick, but it's definitely earns its points for creativity with an old trope (revived corpses). it's Joel Schumacher, so it's perhaps a little slicker than it needs to be, but overall, I was pleasantly surprised.

    MOON/WOLF did pretty solid work within its TV-movie parameters, I thought. I wasn't expecting anything, and I thought it developed its characters well within the supernatural setting. I can see your beef with the authorities taking a while, but I feel like that's part of the drill with any werewolf/vampire/mummy/fantasy character - you need to have the breaking down of all conventional solutions before we accept the supernatural premise. Otherwise it comes off kinda corny, as in the case of the Universal MUMMY sequels, where they start yelling, "It's the mummy! It's come back!" I didn't mind the time they took with MOON. Do I think it was a great flick? No, but it served the turn for passable 70s TV fare, which is a standard all its own.