Saturday, October 30, 2010

October Horror Movie Challenge (10/27 - 10/29)


Tremors 2: Aftershocks (1995)
(1st viewing) d. Wilson, S. S. 100 min


Enter the Devil (1972)
(1st viewing) d. Dobbs, Frank Q. 92 min


Mark of the Witch (1970)
(1st viewing) Moore, Tom 75 min

From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)
(4th viewing) d. Rodriguez, Robert 108 min

Total First Time Views 23
Total Repeats 47
Total Films for Challenge 70


  1. I see you waited almost until the last minute to complete your Kryptic Army Mission. I haven't seen either of your picks, but the second one reminded me that I still haven't gotten around to Romero's Season of the Witch. It's a shame; this would have been the perfect excuse.

  2. Well, technically, THE DEVIL'S HAND and THE WITCHES MOUNTAIN (early in the month) both qualified for the Mission as well. Not sure which of the four I'll submit. I would say that probably DEVIL'S HAND and ENTER THE DEVIL were my favorite of the bunch, though MARK OF THE WITCH "possesses" a certain charm. Streaming for free on Netflix, btw.

    Oddly enough, they screened SEASON OF THE WITCH at the Massacre this year, with Jan White in person. Nice lady, and an underrated film. Glad to see it introduced to a few more folks this year.

  3. Oh, that's right. Can't believe I forgot about those two. (The Witches Mountain in particular is so memorable.) Ever since the Cushing/Lee/Price challenge, I've taken to watching a couple extra films as a matter of course and submitting my thoughts on all of them. I don't think Kitley will mind if you do the same.