Sunday, October 17, 2010

October Horror Movie Challenge 10/16

Son of Frankenstein (1939)
(3rd viewing) d. Lee, Rowland V.
99 min

Ghost of Frankenstein (1942)
(3rd viewing d. Kenton, Erle C.
67 min

House of Frankenstein (1944)
(3rd viewing) d. Kenton, Erle C.
71 min

Total Films for Challenge 44
Total First Time Views 9


  1. Do you actually own all of the Legacy Collections? Because the only one I have is the one for The Wolf Man.

  2. I don't have THE MUMMY collection (watched those courtesy of my old VHS recordings from AMC back in the halcyon days of their Monsterfest marathons), but I have all the other Legacy collections, I think. (*runs, checks, returns*) Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolf Man, Invisible Man, and Creature from the Black Lagoon. I'm finishing off the Dracula films today. Not sure if I'm going to do Invisible Man or not this time around...gotta save something for next year, and I'm dying to get some Hammer and big bugs in.

  3. Of the Invisible Man films, I've only seen the original and The Invisible Man Returns. The others in that set seemed a mite too frivolous my blood.

  4. INVISIBLE MAN'S REVENGE isn't bad - but yes, INVISIBLE WOMAN and INVISIBLE AGENT are on about the same level as ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET... (although I must admit I have a sentimental spot for A&C, being that I saw it as a kid)