Saturday, October 2, 2010

October Horror Movie Challenge - 10/1

Mama Dracula (1980) (1st viewing) d. Szulzinger, Boris
90 min.

Clunky, funky attempt at a horror/comedy version of the story of Erzebet Bathory, with Louise Fletcher in the title role. (Fletcher's accent, it should be noted, deserves a dressing room all its own.) The plot, such as it is, centers on the Countess enlisting the help of a daffy scientist to refine artificial blood in order that she can stop munching on the local "wergins," who have grown understandably annoyed by such goings-on. Highly energetic, perhaps too much so, since much of the "comedy" is doled out by the hammy twinnish twosome of Marc-Henri and Alexander Wajnberg, with huge black fright-wig hair and noses to rival Adrien Brody.

Maniac Mansion (1972) (1st viewing) d. Polop, Francisco Lara
83 min.

Ever had the feeling that you've seen this movie before? A group of travelers all have their vehicles break down due to "weather" (in this case a thick fog and a tendency for the roads to rearrange themselves) and end up taking shelter in an Old Dark House. While there, the hostess spins the tale of the family curse...evidence of which soon begin to manifest itself in the form of creeping figures and screams in the night. Dastardly men accompanied by women with extravagant eyelashes engage in much scurrying about in misty exteriors and musty interiors, culminating in a final-reel plot-twist that leaves 90% of the cast bloodied or bonkers.

Total Films for Challenge: 2
Total First Time Views: 2


  1. I've never seen Mama Dracula, but I have it on a Mill Creek 50 Movie Pack called "Drive-In Movie Classics," which also features Maniac Mansion under the alternate title The Murder Mansion. I wonder if that's how you also came by them.

  2. It is indeed. In fact, I probably wouldn't have chosen to watch MANIAC MANSION had it not been the second feature after MD. In a way, that added to the appeal, since it was a film I had never heard of before - reminded me of the old late night Creature Features days where you showed up and whatever they were playing, that's what you watched.

  3. In case you're interested, here's a link to my review of The Murder Mansion from when I watched it last year: