Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fool's Views (9/24 - 9/30)

Hey kids,

Because it’s already the second day of October, and I’m already behind on the my annual Scare-A-Thon obligations, I’m just going to post these titles and posters now. I’ll try to get back to offer my thoughts after the flurry that is the tenth month of the year is over. If not, pick up a copy of Danny Peary’s Cult Movies books – you’ll get more insightful reading anyway. (And don’t bother picking up a copy of Across the Universe. Not sure who that movie was made for, because it’s fluff for Beatles and non-Beatles fans alike.)



Across the Universe (2007) (1st viewing) d. Taymor, Julie (USA)


King of Hearts (1966) (1st viewing) d. de Broca, Philippe (France)

Petulia (1968) (1st viewing) d. Lester, Richard (USA)

Morgan! (1966) (1st viewing) d. Reisz, Karel (UK)

Over the Edge (1979) (1st viewing) d. Kaplan, Jonathan (USA)

High School Confidential! (1958) (1st viewing) d. Arnold, Jack (USA)

Café Flesh (1982) (1st viewing) d. Dream, Rinse (USA)

2012 Totals to date: 433 films, 374 1st time views, 225 horror, 156 cinema

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