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FERAL (2017) Blu-ray Review

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Feral (2017) d. Mark H. Young (93 min) (1st viewing)

Six medical students (okay, five medical students and one history major) go off for a weekend in the woods. Alice (Scout Taylor-Compton) is a recently “turned” lesbian, enjoying her first real relationship with Jules (Olivia Luccardi), which irks vain Jesse (Brock Kelly) since she also had a fling with him at one time. Of course, all this drama becomes moot once vicious humanoid creatures come out of the woods and start munching on them (starting with a recently engaged couple in the shortest engagement in history). The next morning, right on cue, a strange hermit named Talbot (Lew Temple) shows up and offers to let them convalesce at his cabin, but it isn’t long before they start realizing that their dead friends aren’t staying dead, turning into the same bloodthirsty monsters that fed upon them.

I suppose fans of Rob Zombie’s Halloween alumnus Temple and Compton might enjoy seeing them show up on screen together. For everyone else, this is just another infection/zombie movie set in the woods instead of a shopping mall. Apparently co-writers Young and Adam Frazier felt that it was only necessary to give one of their characters (Alice) more than a single dimension; the rest are barely sketched in, not even registering as stereotypes – just bland and boring. The film is well-shot, at least, but the dialogue ranges between insipid exposition ("It's like rabies... only worse.") and petty squabbling, punctuated by the occasional scene of someone getting chowed down on. Points, I suppose, for providing a positive portrayal of our gay protagonist, but since the relationship between Jules and Alice is not one of substance and neither actress is very compelling, it’s few points indeed.

Feral was released on blu-ray from IFC Midnight and Shout! Factory a couple years ago and now you can’t even find it on the S!F website. (How’s that for an endorsement?) Check it out on Amazon… if you must.


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