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BAGHEAD (2008) DVD Review

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Baghead (2008) d. Jay Duplass/Mark Duplass (USA) (84 min) (2nd viewing)

Following their 2005 festival sensation, The Comfy Chair, the creative sibling team of Jay and Mark Duplass reconvened to turn a potentially groan-worthy navel-gazing scenario (a quartet of disenchanted, out-of-work actors head out to a deserted cabin to write a horror film, only to find themselves caught up in one) into a clever coup of no-budget filmmaking.

Despite some overly manicured handheld camerawork – replete with superfluous micro-zooms and jitters – the enterprise coasts breezily along on the likeability of its four-person cast: Steve Zissis as the loveable schlub Chad, Greta Gerwig as the dingy blonde he’s infatuated with, Ross Partridge as our Elvis-haired hunk, and Elise Muller as his fading blonde f-buddy bombshell. All handle their natural-sounding, occasionally improvised dialogue with assuredness and bravado, and their lived-in relationships feel organic and truthful throughout.

Despite the fact that the horror elements don’t take center stage until well after the characters and setting have been established and there’s a lot more chitchat than blatant bloodshed, the Duplass duo know how to skillfully deliver the creepy moments when called for.

Though the concept is ultimately pretty thin and runs the risk of overstaying its welcome, it’s hard not to admire an indie horror venture that entertains its viewers with honest craft over crassness.


Audio commentary with writers/producers/directors Mark Duplass and Jay Duplass

"Mark and Jay Duplass Answer Questions They've Already Answered" (16 min)

Baghead Scares" (2 min)

Theatrical trailer

Baghead was released on DVD by Sony Classics back in 2009, but it doesn’t look like it is available yet on Blu-ray and the DVD seems to be in short supply for purchase on Amazon. Netflix does carry it with their mail service, where it can be rented HERE:


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