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NEXT OF KIN (1982) Blu-ray review

Next of Kin (1982) d. Tony Williams (Australia) (89 min)

Jacki Kerin stars as a lass Down Under who, upon reading her recently deceased mother’s diary, discovers numerous dark secrets about the family nursing home. In addition to a glowing electronic score by Klaus Schulze (Tangerine Dream), Gary Hansen’s elegant cinematography, and the presence of John Jarratt (20 years before reaching genre-icon status with Wolf Creek), the slow-burn twists and turns of Michael Heath and director Williams’ script deliver the goods, effectively coupled with memorable screen imagery and flowing Steadicam magic. (The final reel is packed with moments of wonder, including an unforgettable overhead slow-motion hallway run, the diner’s tension-building sugar cube scene, and the wall-crashing, head-splashing, explosives-blasting climax.)

This atmospheric Aussie haunted-house thriller flew onto my radar thanks to clips in Mark Hartley’s hugely entertaining Ozploitation documentary, Not Quite Hollywood (2008). Unfortunately, for the longest time, there was no legit way to see the film since it had barely been released to US cinemas back in the day and its home video presence remained a mere whisper. Only a few gray market VHS jockeys and YouTube scofflaws kept its image alive, which was how I first encountered in 2012. Happily, Severin Films has finally remedied this oversight, with a fantastic and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Blu-ray release packed with extras and a gorgeous high-def presentation transferred from original Australian vault elements.


Audio commentary with Director Tony Williams and Producer Tim White

Audio commentary with cast members Jacki Kerin, John Jarratt, and Robert Ratti, moderated by filmmaker Mark Hartley (Not Quite Hollywood, Machete Maidens Unleashed)

House of Psychotic Women Intro by Kier-La Janisse for Morbido TV (5 min)

Extended Interviews with Tony Williams and John Jarratt from Not Quite Hollywood (25 min)

Return to Monteclare: Location Revisit, 2018 (10 min)

Deleted Scenes (10 min)

Before the Night is Out: Ballroom Footage, 1979 (2 min)

Original Theatrical Trailer

UK VHS Trailer

German Theatrical Trailer

Alternate German Opening

Image Gallery

Tony Williams Short Films: Getting Together and The Day We Landed on the Most Perfect Planet in the Universe

Reversible Cover Art

Next of Kin is available now on Blu-ray from Severin Films and can be ordered HERE:


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