Saturday, February 16, 2019

ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK (1972) Blu-ray review

All the Colors of the Dark (1972) d. Sergio Martino (Italy) (95 min)

The gorgeous Edwige Fenech (Strip Nude for Your Killer) stars alongside George Hilton (The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh) as a couple recovering not only from a car accident, but also from her resulting miscarriage. She’s also been having some rather strange dreams in which Ivan Rassimov (Eaten Alive) attacks her with a knife. When pills and psychiatrists fail to resolve the nightmares, she is persuaded to go all New Age by lovely blonde Marina Malfatti (The Night Evelyn Came out of the Grave), only to discover she’s been lured into a coven of lascivious Satanists.

This truly, wonderfully bonkers EuroShock masterpiece – like Rosemary’s Baby dunked in marinara sauce – makes its uncut high-def debut (a new 4k scan from the original negative) courtesy of Severin Films. Directed by Sergio Martino (Torso) and written by Ernesto Gastaldi (Death Walks on High Heels), ATCOTD sports a stellar musical score by giallo regular Bruno Nicolai and co-stars Nieves Navarro (aka Susan Scott) (Death Walks at Midnight).


They’re Coming To Get You: Alternate US Cut (88 mins.)

Audio Commentary with author Kat Ellinger (All The Colors of Sergio Martino)

Color My Nightmare: Interview with Director Sergio Martino (40 min)

Last Of The Mohicans: Interview with Screenwriter Ernesto Gastaldi (18 min)

Giallo is the Color: Interviews with Actor George Hilton & Italian Horror Expert Antonio Tentori (32 min)


Region 1

BONUS Disc: CD Soundtrack (77:38)

All the Colors of the Dark is available now on Blu-ray from Severin Film and can be ordered HERE:


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