Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Christmas Blood (aka Juleblod) (2017) d. Reinert Kiil (Norway) (104 min)

Norse attempt at an American slasher flick delivers plenty of splash without substance, giving us a seemingly immortal Santa-clad slayer who has been working his way through a literal “Naughty” list of victims (who have all committed some crime or another, although he’s not particularly choosy when it comes to collateral damage). After being shot, captured, and resurrected, he escapes from the mental facility (natch) and picks up where he left off, heading to a remote abode where a half-dozen attractive and extremely diverse females (it’s like a United Nations bruncheon) have gathered to cheer up their pal whose mum recently passed. (Yes, mum was on the Naughty list.)

There’s a whole lot of filler before the feasting, mostly comprised of chicks dancing and drinking and flirting with whatever man walks through the door, but when the slicing starts, the bodily fluids flow by the gallon. (Some of these folks are walking blood bags, judging by the way they explode upon contact.) All in all, writer/director Reinert offers a silly-if-mean-spirited gorefest that passes the time and then passes right through like last week’s egg nog.

Christmas Blood is available now on DVD (with no special features) from Artsploitation Films and can be ordered HERE:



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