Sunday, May 19, 2013

SPIDERS (2000) movie review

Spiders (2000) d. Jones, Gary (USA)

After things go horribly awry during some top secret space station experiments, a space shuttle returns to Earth shrouded in mystery (so mysterious in fact that the government reports it burned up on re-entry). Luckily, college reporter and amateur conspiracy theorist Lana Parrilla stumbles onto the landing site and discovers that the aforementioned experiments had to do with breeding superspiders for military reasons. Wouldn’t you know it, the aggravated arachnids are soon scrambling, stabbing and spinning for all their worth, with only Parilla and her newfound G-Man pal Josh Green to stop them.

An unabashed cheesefest from start to finish, director Jones knows exactly where he’s going with this material and thanks to some impressive and high-spirited creature/gore work from the boys at KNB, it’s impossible not to enjoy the B-movie vibe. The acting is forehead-slappingly over-the-top (I think I seriously concussed myself during one of Parrilla’s finer thesping moments), but the campy goodness only greases the wheels. Were it not for the occasionally dodgy CGI effects during the finale, one might think they had stumbled onto a forgotten ’80s gem. Check it out.

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