Sunday, May 19, 2013

CUT-THROATS NINE (1972) movie review

Cut-Throats Nine (1972) d. Marchent, Joaquin Romero (Spain)

After a prison stagecoach is waylaid by bandits, lone surviving lawman Claudio Undari (as Robert Hundar) is forced to transport his prisoners by foot to their destination all while keeping himself and his daughter Emma Cohen (Cannibal Man, Horror Rises from the Tomb)safe from the immoral blackguards. Bloody and brutal Spanish Western nudges its way into the horror terrain through sheer willful nastiness, showing humanity at its absolute worst.


Murder? Check. Rape? Check. Torture? Check. Existential crisis? Check. Man vs. Nature? Check. Man vs. Man? Check. But what elevates Marchent’s toils from the usual dusty fare is the pervasive atmosphere of dread and doom. This is no squib-happy thrill-ride (though there is gore aplenty), but rather a descent into Hell, with bodies piling up on the scales of men’s souls and the chains linking them together literally growing heavier with each life taken. Solid stuff.

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