Saturday, February 2, 2013

THE OTHER SIDE (2006) movie review

Other Side, The (2006) d. Bishop, Gregg (USA)

Fifteen. Thousand. Dollars. That’s how much writer/director Bishop spent on this impressively well-conceived and executed horror flick that showcases some decent acting, fine cinematography, generous splatter, a clever screenplay, snappy dialogue and a real eye for making something out of nothing, especially considering that his subject matter concerns nothing less than escapees from Hell and the dark forces out to recover their damned souls.

Nathan Mobley is our confused hero, unexpectedly killed upon a surprise visit home to visit his best gal (a pre-fame Jamie Alexander) and even more unexpectedly ending up in the dark underworld considering what a nice guy he appears to be. Accompanying him in his bid for freedom and salvation are Poncho Hodges and Cory Rouse, while a trio of body-hopping bounty hunters (dubbed Reapers) relentlessly track their quarry.

One of those rare, clear-eyed microbudget horror flicks (i.e. no gratuitous winking) where excuses don’t have to be made because the entertainment value is so high. Bishop went on to do the well-received 2008 zombies-at-the-prom flick, Dance of the Dead.


  1. Has it been banned, I've researched it and says that I'm up will play it but it won't it doesn't come up Plex will have it but it don't and YouTube has full movie but it don't everywhere I go I get blocked I thought it was a good movie

  2. Where can I find the full movie to watch

    1. I just did a quick search myself, and I'm having the same difficulty finding it streaming online. I have the DVD from back in the day, but even that seems to be hard to come by. I'm sure it's out of print by now. If I track down any additional information, I'll be sure to let you know!