Thursday, August 30, 2012

TRUE NATURE (2010) movie review

True Nature (2010) d. Steele, Patrick (USA)

Having heard about this supernatural thriller for several years on the interwebs, I finally reached out to writer/director Steele who was gracious enough to pass along a review copy. Having finally viewed it firsthand, the DVD companies’ reticence is understandable, as this is a difficult film to categorize and harder still to sell. Within its intriguing premise (young woman Marianne Porter mysteriously returns home after a year-long disappearance, crippled with disturbing visions…or are they memories?), there is much to equally recommend and repel.

Nature  has a glossy, polished look, as well as a notably different spin on the vengeful ghost story. However, there are more than a few issues to be had with Steele’s plot and character motivations, and the slow burn may in fact be too slow for where it ultimately leads us. For every great atmospheric moment of horror (of which there are several), there’s another that comes off as contrived, especially with regard to Porter’s parents. These are not game-enders, but they do provide drag on an already deliberately paced feature. Nevertheless, I hope some enterprising distributor picks it up soon so that fans can weigh in for themselves.

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