Wednesday, August 1, 2012

RESOLUTION (2012) movie review

Resolution (2012) d. Benson, Justin / Moorhead, Aaron Scott (USA) 

Good guy Peter Cilella tracks down ne’er-do-well pal Vinny Curran via an email, video clip and attached GoogleMap, a journey that ends at a deserted shack where Curran seems bent on chemically expediting his shuffle off this mortal coil. Cilella takes it upon himself to forcibly detox his childhood companion courtesy of handcuffs and chain; during the weeklong waiting period, the duo encounter an array of colorful characters and more than a few odd occurrences, including the inexplicable appearances of assorted A/V equipment (VCR, 8mm projector, cassettes, etc.) with increasingly perplexing and foreboding recorded material.
The secret formula behind this unusual and highly enjoyable mindfuck is to forget that it’s a horror film – something not easy for the assembled Fantasia crowd to do, given the hyperbolic introduction by head honcho Mitch Davis – and enjoy the slow burn surprises and mounting dread organically, as well as the marvelously authentic relationship between Cilella and Curran. Their ribald and lived-in dialogue exchanges are the fuel upon which the film runs, such that when things get dark (and boy, do they) we are absolutely invested in their fates. It’s smart, scary, funny, and unlike anything you’ve seen before, but again, dump the expectations and just go for the ride.

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