Wednesday, August 8, 2012

HIDDEN IN THE WOODS (2012) review

Hidden in the Woods (2012) d. Valladares, Patricio (Chile)

An assault on the senses and the soul, one whose curtain-raiser features a father raping his daughter, then dropping the ensuing infant into a bucket nine months later and feeding it raw meat.

Exploitation nightmare logic holds sway over cohesive storytelling, presenting a dark fable where destitute chainsaw-wielding psychopaths outrun and outgun gun-toting police officers, where runaway waifs turn cannibal, where one’s own shattered brachioradialis (aka the forearm bone) becomes a lethal weapon, where everyone’s dark side is their only side.

Director Valladares co-wrote the “based on true events” script with Andrea Cavaletto and while there’s little denying his power of savage visual imagery and social commentary, he constantly sabotages himself, breaking his own brutal spell every time our synapses choke on the narrative action’s implausibility. The results are raw, rough, rude…and ultimately ridiculous; a batshit crazy flick too dark to be considered "fun," too outrageous to be taken seriously.

Note: Apparently, Michael Biehn’s production company has purchased the rights to Woods, planning to produce an English-language remake with Biehn in the lead role of the despicable father with Valladares reprising his director duties. Strange world we’re living in, folks.


  1. "ultimately ridiculous ...too dark to be considered "fun," too outrageous to be taken seriously"

    I think that perfectly encapsulates my feelings about a lot of modern horror films.

  2. Oh, trust me, I'm right there with ya. I can appreciate a little mean-spiritedness, but I'm a lot happier if you've got a sense of humor about it. At least have some fun with your nihilism.