Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MEMORY OF THE DEAD (2012) review

Memory of the Dead (2012) d. Diment, Valentin Javier (Argentina)

A nonsensical gorefest in same vein of early ’80s Italian horror efforts, this Argentinean occult romp makes next to no narrative sense and should be purely enjoyed for its juicier parts. Seven weeks to the day after her husband’s mysterious death, grieving widow Lola Berthet gathers a select group of friends and family to honor the dead…a reunion that evolves into a sea of vivid sanguinary effects and head-scratching hokum. With homages running rampant (nodding to Evil Dead, The Shining and the aforementioned Fulci flicks) and some impressive emoting occurring throughout, it’s a shame that it’s all being done in the service such incoherent blather. Seriously, I called the logic police about a half dozen times before they took the phone off the hook and left me to muddle through on my own. Switch off your brain and bring your plastic raincoat - you’ve been warned.

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