Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ROBO-G (2012) review

Robo-G (2012) d. Yaguchi, Shinobu (Japan)

An utterly charming comic yarn about a retired crank of a senior citizen (Shinjiro Igarashi) who becomes the unlikely savior of a group of muddled computer technicians tasked with creating a humanoid robot for an upcoming electronics expo. When their design fails, they recruit Igarashi – despite his age, he fits the existing metal robot frame – but when he instinctively saves a young brainiac from being brained by a falling beam, the faux cyborg becomes an unlikely national hero, and the charade must be sustained indefinitely for (paid) public appearances. Keeping the cover-up intact provides many clever comic opportunities which the energetic cast mines for all they’re worth; meanwhile, Yaguchi, who also scripted, gives the film a warm heart via Igarishi’s relationship with his robot-loving children. Terrific family fare.

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