Friday, September 15, 2023


By the 1950s, sci-fi had taken Hollywood by storm, with all manner of tales involving Man exploring the galaxy, or various intergalactic neighbors swinging down to our neck of the woods for a visit. Meanwhile, juvenile delinquent pics became all the rage following the 1955 smash Rebel Without a Cause. Misunderstood teenagers already flocking to the drive-ins to see their onscreen counterparts and giant monster flicks, so entrepreneur Jack H. Harris hit upon the idea of combining the two elements. The resulting film, THE BLOB (1958), became an instant sensation, making back its modest budget many times over, as well as generating a Top 40 hit on the radio with its catchy title tune, and launching a young upcoming actor, Steve McQueen to superstardom.

30 years later, horror/sci-fi enthusiasts Chuck Russell and Frank Darabont, who had met on the set of the 1981 slasher Hell Night, decided to update the script for The Blob and pitched it to Harris, who was more than receptive to the idea of a remake, especially during the heyday of practical special effects.

The completed effort, THE BLOB (1988) was gorier, meaner, and more spectacular in every way, and has become recognized as one of the most impressive remakes to come out of the 1980s, ranking alongside The Fly and The Thing.

Tonight, AC is joined in the studio by another impressive panel of guests to discuss these two classics (as well as the, ahem, not-quite-classic 1972 sequel, BEWARE! THE BLOB). Spanning coast to coast, with a dash of international flavor, please welcome Jon Kitley, Chelsea David, Mark Easteadt, and, beaming in all the way from Sweden, Daniel Ekholm!

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