Friday, April 7, 2023

THE CRAZIES (1973) Blu-ray Review

Creator and performer of YouTube star Chad the Bird, Josh Zagoren, steps into the Doc's office to celebrate George A. Romero's landmark infection film, THE CRAZIES, on its 50th anniversary. While not a hit with audiences or critics in upon its initial release, the cult favorite has slowly garnered favor through the ensuing years and now stands proudly among the horror icon's finest hours. We also discuss the merits of the 2010 remake starring Radha Mitchell (Pitch Black, Rogue) and Timothy Olyphant (Justified, Deadwood), as well as the ways in which it differs from its predecessor.

When not wielding his avian alter ego, Josh is an actor/writer (wacktor?) from Clive, IA, schooled at Emerson College in Boston and living in sweet home Chicago. He has worked on stage with Steppenwolf, Interrobang, Lakeside Shakespeare, WildClaw, Factory and Akvavit Theatre. On your screen of choice, he is reporter Jim Myers on CHICAGO MED/PD and once played a naked guy on CHICAGO FIRE and he can be seen as the infamous "Bob the Businessman" on THE CHOSEN.

If you're only familiar with Romero's zombie flicks or Creepshow, do yourself a favor and check out his lesser known features like this one and Martin (1976). The man could do more than crank out the shamblers.

Let us know some of YOUR favorites from Uncle George and we'll do our best to showcase them on future episodes! 

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