Monday, January 24, 2022


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Any of you out there who have been paying attention over the last 17 years know that I happen to hold a certain gentleman named Jon Kitley in high regard. When it comes to “horror mentors,” it would be hard to imagine a more positive role model. The guy has forgotten more bits of trivia than I’ll ever learn in my life, and he’s a walking IMDb page with regard to actors, directors, producers, writers, and make-up artists who have worked in and outside of the genre. Plus, he's a pretty swell human being.

To quote, well, myself...

“Whenever I find myself talking to anyone about my so-called career within this beloved genre, it’s impossible not to mention Jon Kitley somewhere along the way. It was he who helped shape my first Dr. AC book, HORROR 101, which opened a lot of doors, and it was he who recommended me to the crew at HorrorHound magazine, where I subsequently spent five years cranking out articles, interviews, and film festival coverage, as well as serving as copyeditor and hosting a number of Q&A panels at their HorrorHound Weekend conventions. It was he who introduced me to the perverse joy of watching Turkeys the day after Thanksgiving, the underrated charms of Paul Naschy, and any number of “What do you mean you’ve never seen ________?” gems. And it was he who tirelessly worked alongside me on Hidden Horror, for which he also served as publisher, launching the Kitley’s Krypt imprint for physical media in the process.”

So, when Jon came to me last summer and said, “Hey, I’m launching a podcast called Discover the Horror with [tireless genre journalist] Aaron Aubuchon and Damien Gloniek [co-creator of Living Dead Dolls] and we want to have you on the show sometime,” I did what any sensible fright fan would do: I said, “Thank you,” and waited for the call.

I only had to wait until Episode 8. Not too shabby.

Here’s the intro (and the LINK):

Every horror fan out there has been asked at one time or another, “Why?” It’s a question that elicits many different answers, none of which ever satisfy the inquisitor, at least not enough to justify our “strange” passion for this particular film genre. Join us for an enthusiastic, philosophical, metaphor-packed discussion as we delve into the dark recesses of our minds, attempting to address the not-so-simple question, Why Do We Like Horror?


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