Sunday, September 27, 2020


Hello, friends and fellow fiends! It’s that time of year again, when autumn leaves rustle louder, darkness arrives sooner, and mask wearing is happily embraced by the masses….


As many of you know, for the past 10 years (no way!!) I have dedicated my October viewing energies to various organizations deserving of some TLC (Terror Lovin’ Care). Thanks to generous, like-minded souls, we have raised thousands of dollars for over two dozen causes. This year, I have selected BOXVILLE.ORG, Chicago’s first shipping container mall, located just east of 51st and the Green Line.

Launched in June 2017, Boxville, an initiative of Urban Juncture, provides residents and visitors with one-of-a-kind products and everyday necessities while offering local entrepreneurs engaging and affordable spaces for building their enterprises. Your donations will help Boxville expand its infrastructure and winterize containers so that vendors can operate year-round, while simultaneously addressing a very real food access problem.

The concept is simple: Throughout the month of October, I will watch and review 31 fright flicks (16 of which must be first time viewings), with donors pledging a designated amount for every movie watched. For example:

$.25 x 31 movies would equal a donation of $7.75

$.50 x 31 = $15.50
$1 x 31 = $31
$2 x 31 = $62
$3 x 31 = $93

And so on.

That’s it! That’s it! If you’re interested in participating, simply email me at with your pledge amount and we’ll add you to the roster! 


You can make your one-time donation right here right now:

Reviews and updates will be posted daily here at HORROR 101 with Dr. AC (click HERE for recaps of previous Scare-A-Thons), so please stop by and see how we’re doing (and get a few recommendations for your own fright nights)!

I will also be appearing every Friday in October with Ian Simmons and Bryan Martinez on the KICKING THE SEAT  podcast on YouTube, discussing highlighted selections throughout the month.

If you have any questions, drop me a line at Also, please, please, please share the link (and your own good juju) throughout your social circles, online and off. More helping hands are better than fewer.…

"What's in the Box...ville?"

Thanks for your support! Have a happy and safe Halloween season!

Caring through scaring,



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