Sunday, September 9, 2018

BLOOD PUNCH (2014) movie review

Blood Punch (2014) d. Madellaine Paxson (USA)

Milo Cawthorne (so great in 2015’s Deathgasm) provides another stellar star turn for horror/comedy fans courtesy of this enjoyably brain-twisting spin on time-loop flicks a la Groundhog Day, Coherence, Timecrimes, etc. Here he plays Milton, a supersmart slacker with a particular bent for chemistry, even more particularly of the crystal meth recipe bent, which is duly noted by criminal opportunist Skyler (Olivia Tennet) during Milton’s incarceration in a rehab facility.

She offers to break him out if he agrees to cook up a massive batch of goodies for her and her psychopathic boyfriend Russell (Ari Boyland) to sell, the escape goes according to plan, the chemical BBQ goes swimmingly… and then things go all to heck. Over and over and over again.

Although screenwriter Edde Guzelian and Paxson have collaborated on numerous TV and film projects as fellow scribes, this marks Paxson’s directorial debut (with Guzelian listed as the sole writer). It’s clear that they enjoy each other’s vibe and while there is quite a bit of bloodletting and uncharitable behavior exhibited by their trio of lawbreakers, it’s a dark comedy through and through, and a successful one at that.

I could have done without the 20-30 times Tennet (Cawthorne’s spouse in real life) lights a match with her thumbnail (it’s a nice trick, but we were impressed the first time you did it), and the very ending could have packed a bit more punch (zing!), but overall, this is a very pleasing, under-promoted indie horror effort that deserves more attention. You know what to do, people.

Blood Punch is available now to stream at Amazon as part of their Cinefest package and can be found HERE:


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