Monday, October 2, 2017

LYCAN (2017) DVD review

Lycan (2017) d. Land, Bev (USA) (1st viewing) 98 min

Six high schoolers in Talbot County, GA, assigned to “rediscover a moment in history” for a class project, head off into the woods in search of a local legend about a werewolf. Set in 1986 (presumably to eliminate the presence of cell phones and the internet) and populated with attractive young people who occasionally take their clothes off, it’s clear that writer/director Land knows his target audience. The cinematography and sound design are proficient enough for a presumably humble budget, and there are a couple of snazzy horror moments (the shot of a girl being spirited away from her tent is both simple and shocking, and there’s an interesting twist heading into the third act) even as the clichés run fast and furious.

The characters – multi-racial as they might be – never rise above archetypes: sex-crazed stoner, rich bitch, sensitive jock, social justice warrior, etc., with producer (and Land’s wife) Dania Ramirez (TV’s Once Upon a Time, Heroes) sinking her proverbial teeth into the role of the token weird chick with a mysterious secret. The end result is a solid independent horror feature, one with minimal beast action that requires a little patience and generosity.

Special features include interviews with cast members Ramirez, Parker Croft, Rebekah Graf, and Vanessa Angel, as well as director Land and co-writer Michael Mordler, executive producer Crystal Hunt, and 2nd Unit director Steven C. Pitts. There's also an entertaining post-screening panel discussion with the filmmakers and the original theatrical trailer.

Lycan is available now on Blu-ray or DVD from MVD Visual Group and can be ordered HERE.


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