Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Yes, this is about 5 years late, but since I'll be heading back across the pond in a few weeks and I never bothered to collect my ramblings from my first excursion to the Brussels International Film Festival (hereafter referred to as BIFFF) into a single, easy to read/navigate post, I'm remedying that now for my own purposes and convenience, as well as any other, faithful readers who might be so inclined.


BIFFF 2012, DAY 1 (Friday, April 6)
Guests: Terry Gilliam, Gert Verbeeck Films: Sennentuntschi, The Sorcerer and the White Snake, The Divide, Zombie 108 

BIFFF 2012, DAY 2 (Saturday, April 7)
Guests: Xaiver Gens (Frontieres)
Films: Himizu, The Butterfly Room, Lockout, Truth or Dare

BIFFF 2012, DAY 3 (Sunday, April 8)
Events: Body Painting
Films: As Luck Would Have It, Calvaire, Don Quixote, Julia X, Pig, The Road, The Woman

BIFFF 2012, DAY 4 (Monday, April 9)
Guests: Barbara Steele
Films: Der Sandman, Kotoko, Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, The Whistleblower

BIFFF 2012, DAY 5 (Tuesday, April 10)
Events: BIFFF Etiquette 101, ZomBIFFF
Films: Carre Blanc, Eliminate Archie Cook, Father's Day, Invasion of Alien Bikini, Mural, Tormented

BIFFF 2012, DAY 6 (Wednesday, April 11)
Guests: Lloyd Kaufman, Jeremy Gillespie (of Astron-6)
Films: Bloodwork, Deadball, Game of Werewolves, Letters to Angel, One Way Trip, Ra. One

BIFFF 2012, DAY 7 (Thursday, April 12)
Guests: William Friedkin, Yudai Yamaguchi
Films: Ace Attorney, Juan of the Dead, Killer Joe

BIFFF 2012, DAY 8 (Friday, April 13)
Guests: Jazz Vila (Juan of the Dead)
Events: Vampires Ball
Films: BIFFF 2012 short films, Extraterreste, Hindsight, The Incident,

BIFFF 2012, DAY 9 (Saturday, April 14)
Films: Elevator, Iron Sky, Panic Button, Poongsan, The Retreat

BIFFF 2012, DAY 10 (Sunday, April 15)
Guests: Stig Svendsen (Elevator)
Films: The Arrival of Wang, The Awakening, Charlie Zone, Flying Swords of Dragon Gate

BIFFF 2012, DAY 10 (Monday, April 16)
Guests: Steve De Roover, Pat Cronenberg, BIFFF crew
Films: Beast, ID:A, Ronal the Barbarian, Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead 

BIFFF 2012, DAY 11 (Tuesday, April 17)
Guests: Mick Garris, Eric Valette
Films: 205: Room of Fear, Paranormal Experience

Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2012 - Award winners 

BIFFF 2012 Makeup/Body Painting winners

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