Wednesday, July 16, 2014

ILSA: SHE WOLF OF THE SS (1975) movie review

Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS (1975) d. Don Edmonds (Canada)

Inspired by the notorious real-life tales of Ilse Koch, a wife of a Nazi commandant who reportedly kept lampshades made from the skin of concentration camp victims, this Canadian exploitation sensation was much more interested in showing female flesh than shedding it. Former nude pin-up model Dyanne Thorne and her bustastic assets are put on full display as the titular tyraness of terror, turning women into experiments of extended torture while making men slaves in her bedroom.

All is going fine for this Reich with a Rack until she meets American Gregory Knoph who not only possesses certain horse-like anatomical features, but has full control of his release valve. Ilsa never knew what hit her.

This, alongside "classier" affairs like The Night Porter and Salon Kitty, launched the Nazisploitation movement of the mid-70s, while Thorne played the character two more times (as well as a very Ilsa-like character in Greta, The Mad Butcher aka Wanda, The Wicked Warden). If you’re looking to get into this dubious pool, this is probably the high-water mark in terms of quality and entertainment. Screenplay by Jonah Royston and John C.W. Saxton, with special makeup effects by Joe Blasco (Shivers, Rabid).

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