Saturday, March 1, 2014

THE ATOMIC MAN (aka TIMESLIP) (1955) movie review

Atomic Man, The (aka Timeslip) (1955) d. Ken Hughes (UK)

A reasonably effective sci-fi programmer, although the conceit of a man’s mind having slipped into the future – such that he is answering questions 7.5 seconds before they are asked – isn’t really put to much use and plays out only as a device to sustain the mystery surrounding a Cold War spy plot. Adapted by Charles Eric Maine from his novel, the story revolves around a nuclear scientist Stephen Raymer (Peter Arne) who is fished out of the Thames and, despite the bullet in his back and a brief moment of flatline, revives in hospital but absent any memory. Further complicating matters is the fact that the scientist’s doppelganger is continuing his experiments without anyone being the wiser!

Gene Nelson does a fine job as a fast-talking American reporter, and he’s well-matched with gorgeous news photographer Faith Domergue who, for whatever reason, loves the ill-mannered sap. More espionage yarn than genre flick, but one that should satisfy fans of Hammer’s black-and-white thrillers.

Trivia: The same year this film was released, Domergue starred in three other sci-fi mini-classics, This Island Earth, It Came from Beneath the Sea, and Cult of the Cobra, securing her place in sci-fi history.

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